DPJH Captial

Driven by passionate and brilliant leadership team we endeavour to achieve greatness. Thus, by analysing the market risks and returns DPJH Capital has invested in a range of portfolio including properties and capital markets – as an emerging capital investment company, we are currently working on ambitious developments with the vision of diversifying our business portfolio.

An Evolving Conglomerate

DPJH Capital is the holding company of various capital investment interest of DPJH. Current portfolio expands in to various sectors from IT, real state, property, leisure, manufacturing to stock market investments locally and globally.

Strength that back long-term sustainability.

When a customer start to work with our any of the subsidiaries, that they could be rest assured our diversified portfolio of investments will secure the long-term sustainability of the organization backed by values that we represent. This has proven through our two decades of continuous growth and expansions.

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