Corporate Social Responsibility

Our Commitment to Responsible Corporate Citizenship Includes a Focus on the Environment, Ethical Corporate Behaviour, Community Involvement, and Industry Participation

For a Better and Sustainable Future

As a constantly evolving conglomerate, we place a considerable emphasis on sustainable growth – hence, we envision our future on a healthier planet with a more self-sustained and flourishing population. With our values deeply instilled with empathy and integrity, we endeavour to be a conscious organisation that’s seen as one of the most Sustainable Companies in Sri Lanka.

Giving Back to Society

DPJH also considers achieving its goals whilst giving back to society – the stable roots of the organisation offer courage and confidence for its stakeholders and the promise of sustained and steady returns instil optimism for future investors.

Our innovative programms helps to create
a steady and sustainable society
Our simple and innovative CSR activities make our stakeholders happier and encourage steady partnerships, opening up for new and long-term relationships.